With all my gratitude thank you to Susan of  sillyfrogsusan.wordpress.com  for your thoughtfulness and recognition of Showtimephotography.wordpress.com

Seven things about me. For you:

1.   I am a novice photographer on a journey of discovery into the world of Photography.

2.  Being out in nature allows me time to unwind and escape any worldly worries.

3.  I enjoy being involved in projects and interests with other like minded people.

4.  I get pleasure and smile to myself after achieving goals I first thought would be almost impossible, ie: Learning to play my guitar.

5.  Other activities in my life include, Beach Fishing, Bush Walking, Boating and riding my trailbike.

6. One of my greater pleasures is when I am having a rest on the side of a trail after a long walk in the bush, animals in nature  become inquisitive and approach me.

7.  Being mindfull of people less fortunate than myself and offering a helping hand has taught me to be understanding and more compassionate to their needs.

My list of nominees for their commitment and dedication:
All the nominees on this list were chosen and added at random as they all share equality. Visiting all these nominees blogs will be well worth your while. ENJOY!

1.  Southernmosthobbyist.com

2.  photonatureblog.com

3.  bjornsphoto.wordpress.com

4.  clickdpic.wordpress.com

5.  patcegan.wordpress.com

6.  gaia365.wordpress.com

7.  serenityspell.com

Thank you to the nominees for the many hours of pleasurable viewing of your spectacular images.


As a result of formatting issues, unfortunately, I was not able to include the entire 15 nominees to my list. However, this should not put you off from having a go.


10 thoughts on “VBA

  1. How very kind of you — THANKS so much for the nomination! I love your posts, from one nature lover to another. And I’ve begun to investigate your other nominations — it’s always so great to explore + link to similarly minded blogs. Thanks so much, again. ♥

  2. Thanks a ton for the nomination!!! Its all because of you people, who like my posts, learned some good things, very useful informations all around the globe through this medium. Now i am going through blogs of the other people you have nominated. Once again thank you so much!!!! 😉 😉 😀

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