I captured this sunset at  the Using a HTC – ONE XL Mobile Phone camera – 8 Megpix – 24mm lens.

Unfortunatley  I was unable to utilize the  full photographic potential of the camera as I Had a Belly full of beer, consumed while fishing and kicking back, taking it all in at
a secluded beach cove within a short walk from the Big4 koala Shores Port Stevphens Holiday park. The location for this photo is apprx. 400mtrs east along the shoreline from the Big4 Koala Shores Port Stephens Holiday park.

3 thoughts on “MOBILE SUNSETS 2

    • Thank you for your comment, In all honesty, as I was taking the photo, I had my fishing rod tucked under my left arm and a can of beer with my little finger struggling to hold the can while I was holding the camera out and trying to touch the screen to capture the photo in between the shudder of shakes
      And I certainly agree, Wow.

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