Fern Liegh Cycle Track- Redhead- Australia- New South Wales

Fernliegh Track - Redhead - New South Wales - Australia

The Fernleigh Track that travels through Redhead is a cycle way that makes up a part of the the Great North Walk that extends as far as Sydney – New south Wales Through to Newcastle. The Total Length of the Great North Walk is 250 kms (160ml).    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_North_Walk The section of track that traverses from Newcastle to Belmont was formerly a coal train line for the local under ground coal mines around the East Lakes and Newcastle areas in the earlier History of the Townships which was a primary industry for employment. These days it is enjoyed by any large  number of  local people of the area for Cycling, Running, exercise and families just going for a stroll.  The  main outdoor life style that exist around the Redhead area is that of a Beach environment as is nearby.

Redhead Beach #

The Fromer Redhead train Station Pltaform

Fern Liegh Track - Redhead - New South Wales - Australia #2

Scenery along the Fernliegh Track

The Bellbird is is a small bird native to the bushland area of Redhead and along the Fernliegh Track, also other parts of the great North Walk that extends from Sydney, to Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Unfortunately trying to capture better photos of these little fellows was a little difficult as the jump around most of the time. the Bellbird’s call is very similar to a bell with a soft dong tone, hence the name “Bellbird”.

The Bellbird, Native  to Redhead Bushland

The Bellbird, Native to the Redhead Bushland #2

The Bellbird, Native to the Redhead Bushland #3