Redhead Beach Sunrise – Australia

Redhead Sunrise


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Inspiration can be motivated by a myriad of experiences, whether it be a result of something simple as making a cup of tea, or being actively involved with work or a hobby. Laying on the lounge can also be one of those moments when inspiration will appear. This afternoon was one of those moments that appeared for me resting on the lounge. While gazing out the window I noticed the clouds began to change in color from white to a lighter shade of yellow, I looked at the clock, the time, 4:50pm, where I live, here at Redhead Beach, is the golden hour approaching, that is when my moment of inspiration appeared. A photo opportunity was my first thought, a short walk later I was clicking away at the sky at one of it’s best moments, sunset.

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Mysterious Orb

This photo was taken at Swansea, Lake macquarie, New South Wales, Australia using my Samsung Wave GT- S8500 mobile phone on Jan 17  2011 facing the western horizin.

Direct your attention to approx. middle of the photo and you will notice a glowing orb like object resting on the rim of a dark cloud.

Two other photos were also taken only a matter of seconds before and after this photo, however, the orb did not appear in these photos.
After checking early evening horizin star charts, it was found that there was no moon in that part of the sky at that time of the year. 
As one can see, the sun is behind the clouds in the background, after checking with local weather stations it was found that there were not any weather balloons in the area at that time of the day. Being a reflection from the sun can also be ruled out as the glow being emitted from the orb is on the front side not the rear.